1998 - Enrico Navarra

Grataloup book preface, published in 1998 by Enrico Navarra Editions

I had known Grataloup's work for many years when we first met by chance. Very soon after that encounter, we decided that his work should be presented at the gallery. This was achieved in 1998, with numerous landscapes and matrixes that played on the duality of form and matter. 

This book takes up his previous work but also shows his most recent paintings, in which the human figure takes an increasing importance with the use of new materials such as inox and brass. The dominant relation in Grataloup's work is always the relation to matter, and he works it out gradually from oe canvas to the next. On this question, Michel Tournier reasons : "What is matter ? It is a homogeneous, fully occupied space, and therefore substantially inintellegible. [...] Matter has been defeated. [...] Grataloup is situated beyond form and matter".

It seemed to me that it was important to get this whole dialectic across, and I hope that this book will be a good record of it.

Enrico Navarra