1998 - Michel Tournier (from Goncourt Académie) (writer)

Grataloup' Secret : The Antimatter

( Extracted foreword - Monograph 1998 - Publishing(Editions) Ramsay)

" It is the word material which occurs at first when we go through Guy - Rachel Grataloup's work. What material ? All the materials, the wood, the stone, the metal, but also the hair, the grass and of course the light. He could not be question for him to transport a shape in diverse materials, as certain works can be conceived so, marble, in ebony where in photography. The works of Grataloup are absolutely “intransposables, " intranssubstantielles " to speak as the theologians.

Nevertheless nobody is more taken away than him of the "matiérisme" of Dubuffet, Fautrier, Tapies or Burri who idolise the homogeneous substance in which they mold their works. Certainly the material is there but it is possessed, mastered, denied in a certain sense.

What the material ? It is a space full and thus substantially homogenement unintelligible . A vacuum calls geometrical or alive forms on which the spirit can practice. Filled with a dough every part of which is exchangeable with regard to all the others, it discourages any constructive action.

It is to say that the material of Grataloup hides a secret. At first, he sows it with slim keys lost in her as needles in a haystack … A golden ladder raises itself on a brass bottom the tent of the prophet cut in a sacred parchment raises itself in the desert …

… The lesson is obvious: the material is overcome. Better: there is no material there is only an infinitely tenuous tissue of forms. Nevertheless we stay far from the abstraction, it would be rather about concretion about which it would be necessary to speak. Because this chromatic thickness, what is it ? It is the subtle song of a big tree, the inexhaustible vegetable wealth of a lawn, the iridescent nuances of a rainbow, the plumage of invisible one peacock, the granulation of a struck mineral.

Grataloup is situated beyond the shape and beyond the material ). He draws his work from the antimatter. "

Michel Tournier from Goncourt Academy - March 4th 1998