1 How can I find out about Grataloup’s life ?
The Biography gives an outline of his life. You will find it the section “About Grataloup”

2 Where can I get information on specific Grataloup artwork ?
Consult the books on his artwork mentioned in the section "About Grataloup" / Monographs.
You can also research the various articles and Grataloup interviews listed in the same section of the web site

3 Where can I see Grataloup artwork ?
The "Calendar" lists Grataloup current exhibitions and events.
This website contains a great part of Grataloup’s artwork. More work is being regularly beeing added to the site. To navigate the artwork, simply select the year in the section “Artworks” of the website.

4 How can I contact Grataloup ?
Go to the « Contact » page and send a mail via the link.
You will receive a prompt answer.

5 Rights and Reproductions
Grataloup’s artwork may not be reproduced in any way without express written persmission from the artist.
All rights and reproductions requests should be sent via the “Contact” page.

6 How can I authenticate a Grataloup artwork?
You own a Grataloup artwork
Is it reproduced in a book ?
Do you have a certificate ?

To obtain a certificate, two possibilities :
- Send us a photocraphic document* of professional quality, certified " free of rights " on support minimum Ektachrome movie 6X6.
We accept the digital support only if the photo is made with a light and a professional centring. Minimum weight 33Mo
Also send us a paper print on which will be specified the dimensions of painting and the mentions) which could appear in the back of the painting (dedicaces etc..)
*Solution wished by the artist)

- In the absence of photographic document of professional quality, send us a correct image (but insufficient for the possible reproduction of the work).